Friday, July 1, 2011

Malloy Wedding

It's hard to talk about Mr. and Mrs. Malloy without talking about how ridiculously cool and attractive they are. They are the kind of people that you want to first hate because they are so damn talented in so many ways, but once you talk to them, you hate them even more because they are so damn nice too. Do they have a single flaw? Anyone?
Hilary is an accomplished photographer and Emmett runs a record label and also directs movies and other stuff you have seen. Again, they are awesome.
Then came the wedding which included the dudes from Animal catering it, Jack Johnson covering "Just Like Heaven," with Emmett's 8 year old niece, Nicole's touch, and an overall
great group of people, made for the ultimate night.
It was an amazing day/night and couldn't be happier to be a part of such an amazing day for 2 amazing people.
the ceremony
some dude on a guitar
the spread (before)
.... (after)
dirty dancers
the Malloy family
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Malloy!!!!!!!!!

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